About Us

About Us

Pest B Gone Inc. is a company that prides itself on its solid foundation of honesty, integrity, and transparency. We strive to incorporate family values in our work, demonstrating equity, diversity, mentorship, inclusion, and work- life balance.

Using strict ethical business model, Pest B Gone has rapidly grown and expanded across the GTHA Kitchener/Waterloo area. With a vast array of clientele, we have successfully expanded and are serving hundreds of high-rises, office buildings, industrial, commercial buildings, and single-family homes. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards in Integrated Pest Management to assure successful results. We work hard and push the limits to meet our goals everyday.

Using only premium chemicals and state of the art equipment, along with continuously educating ourselves about new products and application, we at Pest B Gone strive to become a leader in structural pest management in the GTHA Kitchener/Waterloo areas, and the premier company of choice by property managers.


Safety is our priority. AT Pest B Gone our goal is to permanently remove any insect or pest, including roaches, wasps, ants, ear wigs, and more. We take special care with BEDBUGS to PERMANENTLY eradicate them from your sleeping environment AND we provide a written guarantee!

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